WB (07/07/1988 / Kent UK)

Global Needs Vs Herbal Weeds

Simple citizens commit sins so dam vicious
Condemning contraband with their half-hearted decisions
How can they allow alcohol but not weed?
‘Cos even though cannabis is green
Dollars fuel the greed.
The American dream it seems that to succeed
One must exploit others in any way, by any means
When you smoke weed you are inspired till you get tired
But in the game of life you perspire till you retire
I know what I’d choose any day of the year
THC and memories, not the ching of money resonating in my ear
All money is, is paper notes and metal coins
Some tobacco and some herb put them together and they’re joint.

by Wilson Braham

Comments (2)

Tobacco? Fraid not, some of us are purists.; -)
cool. i like it very much. interesting...