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Global Psychosis
Aidan Ross (27/03/1990 / Flinders Medical center, South Australia, Australia)

Global Psychosis

Scum beat up their next of kin.
Cowards kill and rape their wives.
Religous crackdown on false sin.
Hatred ruins poor young lives.

Hunger pang and fire burn.
Dead before you reach the door.
When will we ever learn.
Why can't we feed the poor.

War on terror, wealth for toil.
An Odyssey for a black-gold fleece.
Deadly hate, blood for oil.
And they say we are at peace

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Comments (2)

Great poem, sums up alot of the madness we accept as normal these days.
Brilliant Aidan. Very well said. I love the title. Ghada Shahbender (born too on the 27th of March!)