Global Vision Charity

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

The little boy looked in my eyes,
with sadness, hint of tears.
I thought it time to realise
that here, in front of Sears,
where one can buy the lot,
that a donation would be good
from those who relish glut.
So, thinking that I really should
be generous on this fine day,
I gave a tenner, got a button
but no one said a loud Hooray,
the button said I was a mutton,
you were assigned by the amount,
the more you gave, the higher up....
Behind the boy a man did count
small change inside a coffee cup.
The lady right behind me said
'why would I be an ugly snail? ',
the boy exclaimed 'you've only paid
one dollar, people who thus fail
should look inside their tortured soul,
then in their purses for more money.
For one buck more, if you can spare it,
I'll make you an angora bunny'.
And then he whispered 'grin and bare it'
and turned the lights on in his eyes.
The sign said Global Vision Aid
it showed a girl, smothered in flies
and sores all over, in the shade
of Global Vision's fourwheeldrive
with Warn Winch, Satellite and Shower,
they towered, while she was alive
the photo was a work of power.
That night the girl took a bad turn,
she died alone, still full of flies
could not attend or even learn
what Global's party, girls and guys
was all about, champagne was flowing,
I felt the boy with dark brown eyes
stare at me hard, it was the knowing
of human frailty and of guilt.
Without a word I gave three twenties
and promptly got a mini-quilt
and one new button named 'Repenties'
the picture showed an elephant.
'Next', said the boy and one old granny
did not give much, she was a runt,
the game continued quite uncanny
so I went shopping for some tools.
Sears has the best and guarantees them
the clerk said 'do you see those fools,
they give their money, no one sees them
how they are crooks and cheat the masses',
it bothered me to see him stare
but he continued, 'those fat asses
inside the Winnebago there
they do not hurt nor are they needy
there are no kids who'll get the money
it's a charade, and they are greedy.'

So I went over to the toys
to find a fitting little item,
that one would give to sad eyed boys
to make their little faces brighten.
Went over to the Global Aid
and said 'you're saving up a storm',
and then I showed him his new grade
it was the button called pinworm.

Comments about Global Vision Charity

Well OK, Rich and Chris: I say it's mawkish sentimentality to set up an easy target and hit it down. Which charity rates its donors as poets are rated on this site?
This was definitely an Irish 'one'.

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3,9 out of 5
7 total ratings

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