Global Warming

Temperatures are rising
as are the vast ocean seas
carbon emissions invade the air
as birds fall dead out of their lofty trees
the southern glaciers melting away
more and more each day.

Our world is heating up...
our home is getting warmer!

The days becoming stinking hot
and deprived of precious rain
green house gases above and all-over
Carbon dioxide and methane
large green forrests cut down
industrial pollution all around.

Our world is heating up...
home is becoming too hot!

Our climate is unpredictable
like the winnig numbers of a roullette wheel
and the wounds to earth are critical
such that will take some time to heal
however it is not yet too late
to make a change for our future
to make a clean slate
for our children to enjoy.

It's up to all of us individually
to make a change for a better future!

by Allen Steble

Comments (1)

Working on my own poem on this one Allen. Thanks for pushing my buttons! Are our fellow poet's really so dense? Where is their praise of your efforts here? Or is poetry simply to serve the feelings of more intimate events and to ignore stewardship of our planet? Won't it be sad for our children and our grandchildren if we have already sold their very lives for our own momentary pleasure and high standard of living? I pray to God that it is not already too late!