JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Global Warming

so it's true we
shall perish by fire

even the ice of the poles
has shuddered
from the heat

whispered a sad note
and cracked

and slowly it bobs
up and down
reprising another
mankind's ice
cold destiny

to drown
in a few more
degrees of warmth

the sea refuses
to give way
and the sun
closes in on them
like hell

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John, I also left this general message for Leah...., it's undoubtedly happening little by little, but it's been going on for billions of years. Non-political expert scientists with common sense, agree that Global Warming is a completely natural cycle and our population has absolutely nothing to do with it. (THE REASON THEY SAY IT'S IRREVERSIBLE IS BECAUSE WE DID NOT CAUSE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE) Now the pollution of our environment on earth is a completely different subject and there is a lot we can do to improve it. So please don't let GW (not our president, Global Warming) , scare you...., we can't do anything about it or control our earth's axis or the sun spot eruptions that really cause it in the first place. ALSO NOTE ONE OTHER THING, THERE'S AN AWFUL LOT OF MONEY INVOLVED IN GRANTS FOR SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATIONS ON THIS SUBJECT AND FOR MANY, GLOBAL WARMING IS THEIR TOTAL LIVELIHOOD....! ! ! We can discuss it all we want, but we'll never be able to control it. I personally call it, 'Global Yawning', which is an original term I created and the title of a poem of mine. Best, T.M.. PS, once again, pollution and global warming are two different subjects.