Gloom Glorified

I train my eyes
Looking above once again
A repetitive motion
Of a worry
That won't go away
It stays

And it's this way
It seems anymore
Gloom glorified
Dodging this bad luck
Clinging to a hope
Crashing fast

There's this notion
Of an angel that hovers over
But she recedes
To be with someone elses needs

Gloom glorified
Seems this way anymore
I won't accept
This bad luck
As i cling to a hope
I see crashing fast

No matter, I'm cold
Without the cloak of warmth
I'm lonely
And I only ask
That she might glance
To see
I'm now a someone else
In need

by Renee Lewis

Comments (1)

Thats is beautiful, i really like how your title is used continuously and your ryming patterns also the story of that theres a protector with you that helps you and guides you is a great insight to how people are always lookign for a gaurdian angel.