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Gloom Gone (Fun Poem)


1. Test all surfaces
on hidden area before using
Especially the soul
it's susceptible to bruising

2. Apply Gloom Gone
to affected area
Massage in deep
to prevent hysteria

3. Alow a few minutes
for Gloom Gone to start working
To rid any gloom
that may be lurking

4. Use a clean white cloth
to wipe clean
Then say a prayer
your day is serene

5. Repeat as necessary
For gloom may return
In which case
you may have cause for concern

Side Affects:

A smile may appear
Your spirits uplifted
A better day had
Your emotions shifted

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Comments (6)

Great concept. Maybe the secret ingredient is love and a hug. Wonderful write :)
Brilliant! ! Love it. If only life were so simple that we could follow such instructions on the back of a packet Clair
I like the idea of Gloom Gone! , what a fun concept, well done, top marks here Love duncan X
Your not in Marketing are you... JoJo.. I had visions of one of those 50`s tv adds.. now we just need a Jingle...
Gloom Gone would work great for me so I just guess I'll keep trying to keep a 'smilin.......well done JoJo marci.: xo
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