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Gloomy Afternoon In Nowhere
TS (4/26/87 / Indianapolis)

Gloomy Afternoon In Nowhere

I need closure and comfort,
Nourishment at it's full potential,
I feel caught off guard,
Bare skin exposed,
The smell of deterioration,
Were becoming extinct,
The few, the proud, mankind,
It was an old candle, not much wik left,
Snuffed itself out years ago,
Clutter in the round about,
Stepped on, but unnoticed, or really touched,
Feeling left out, rebellion kicks in,
Darkness all around, construction in the background,
It's a sad site to see,
An even sadder one to work on,
What were we reaching for? Where are we at now?
Agony leftovers, built up frustration,
Remains of were a man once stood,
It was cold that day,
Sounds of water in the background,
I was inviting calmness,
He misplaced the reservation.

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