I looked in the mirror this morning and an honest man shooting daggers back at me.
i coughed in defense at the weak image i saw, after i inhaled some smarts.
I ate the forbidden fruit
when you told me not to.
I rode towards the mountains knowing they'd never get closer.
Some chick in a black leather skirt had 'NOT TODAY' tattoed on her thigh.
She saw my eyes,
knew i was of her kind and then she asked for a ride.

A thousand meters past the sands and the ocean is blue.
Flying close to the water.
You can feel it.
So coool.
I just want the strength that grows within the garden inside the plastic bag.

I use to think the key i had would open the doors i'd only read about,
but the key was made of glass.
I spray painted a worm hole right on that door and then I crawled right through.
I grabbed a-hold of my bag
cuz it was all I had to help me blow my mind.
I made it through unharmed and there it was...
A world that won't allow the pain.
only joy and no pain.
I just want the strength that grows within the garden inside the plasitc bag.

by matt fromm

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in the midst of all the irony and everything going downhill, there's forever that garden in a plastic bag for anyone to climb into if they make their own way. i like his one alot. i'll have t read it again later when i'm not so tired.
stuning write charged with energy and emotion Thanks Nik