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Glorious Girl
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Glorious Girl

Glorious Girl
With the huge smile,
The friendly hug,
The gentle shoulder to cry on,
The kind words for everyone,
The well hidden pain,
You can’t fool me,
You are afraid of people.
Let go of yourself,
Your true friends will still love you.

Brave Girl
You hide your fear
Behind these trembling hands
that want to choke loneliness
with a cloth that smells love,
has the taste of bitter memories
and it’s wet from your unshed tears.
You try to appear brave
Because they need to see you like that,
They are more afraid of life than you are.

Optimistic Girl
You think that you control fate
And that all your dreams can come true
If you truly believe in them.
You don’t know how to give up
But Time is sometimes on rollerblades
And you can’t catch up.
You are only human
No matter how hard you try to forget that.
You can’t fool me,
Deep inside you think that Fate can be controlled
Only when she is handcuffed and chained on your back.
A lot of people can prove you wrong.

Glorious Girl
With your Soul that can fit the whole world,
Your honest eyes that have never
learnt the social skill to lie,
your First Aid smile that only
attempts to mend all the miserable hearts,
Hold on.

Everything that you are going through
Is a way of your Dreams to make you stronger.
No one said it was easy
And no one said it was impossible.

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Comments (5)

I'd Just like to say that Uriah's comment was a brilliant discription for this. Very Honest Ah! the complexities of life and personalities. As you can see thought provoking as well Love Duncan
Fate can knock you down, but try to land on love and dreams.
This is my favorite! Yet again, Fate, has a talent for destroying all. You've done a great job of pulling back veils and confronting inner weakness and truth.
nice work, Ivy, a really honest look in the mirror, a realistic inspiration!
Fantastic Ivy. I love the thread of hope that runs through this entire poem and the ending emphasises this much more, very impressive work!