Glorious Kent

Poem By Cat Reina

Riding through country roads today
the biting cold on my cheeks and arms
I know it is fall
the leaves are starting to fall onto the groung
Oh! heavenly views
Glorious Kent

We watched the cars go by
as we sipped on our coffees
I haven't been home in a while
quite nice are these
leisurly breaks

But tonight
is my last night
and I will try and make something of it
Oh! Glorious Kent
The comfy couches of your
boutique bookstores
they advertise you as the highest quality
And rightfully

But I'm quite happy to be going home
It isn't so bad
being home
I did miss it
in that childish sort of way
Oh! but soon I will be gone again
and fall will slow down from it's quick flight
and turn into winter walks
but now all is well
and I'm content.

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