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Glorious Tangles
( / Texas)

Glorious Tangles

He signed it with anonomous.
She took it with but little fuss.
He moved in closer hopes up high.
She slowly told him with a sigh,
'You aren't the one for me at all,
I have a guy who's sweet and tall.
You run along home, Mister Crush.'
'I'm tangles stuck below her brush, '
He said with spirit so destraught.
She liked the boy, and quite a lot.
'He's young and queer, you're lacking tact.'
She knew just what the world called fact.
'You go and live your life, untied.
I'll follow Him, His plan, ' she cried.
'You mean there's hope that 'we' might be? ?
I long for 'you' to include me.'

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sweet mother of science this was good! Wow. Ok, I'm going back to read it again. Ok, I'm done again. WOW. The 'tangles' line is genius... you communicated what I feel most of the time in one poem, which is what great poetry is supposed to do. The use of the third person is also creative. Whooahaow. -bandwagoner