Glory At Dawn

A glory, a glory at Dawn!
Glinting as moon's giant eyes,
Gladful as queen in colorful dyes,
Charming as scents of ripped musk;
The goodness of many stars in dusk,
A day adored by pslatery and horn;
A glory, a glory at dawn!

The dewy tulips in autumn morn,
A saucy fragrants of fresh rains?
Springy nettles feeding birds with hains,
An apple fig plowed by eve's blade
Breeding canopies and lofty shade
A thin daffodils with rich petals upon,
A glory, a glory at dawn!

Of drought, graves that hides-unborn
You remained as rock before tempests,
Thunders, shakes, blew the starling's nests
Some sad hues, musics from hell-holes;
Sudden as if your death had come close
No man healed, buried you nor mourn,
In waste place, you decayed as melon.

Scud a gun unto the sky, scud a gun!
And steal some jupiters, purple or blue
Dance froing and troing and continue
O what a merry and an end to misery?
In presence of hundred kings this be;
Every anguish and darkness is gone
Now comes a glory, a glory at dawn.

by Moses Ebuka Adebayo

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