Glory Of My Home

Poem By Daniel fairfield

Black fire has possessed thee With so much pride and glory
Its my time now
Blood may have stained these glorious plains
But upon Valhalla's gate we shall rise
Our swords waving in the air showing our pride
Through the winds of darken skies
we shout out our god
the god of warriors
So wise and so poetic
you hear our swords cry out
So my time has come to a end
Still I stand so high on top of the universe
So glorious
my soul; Oh so filled with splendor
Honor delights me
So glorious
To be with fallen brothers of the sword
Words can’t describe to destiny
to stand before thee master
for i know such expire
but forevermore my soul lives on
the sword has freed me
but ive not died in vein
But in honor instead
Through the sword I have lived
And trough the sword I have died
as i raise up to Valhalla's gate
i raise up th thee master
as he cast judgment on my soul
blissfulness shines clearly
a warrior indeed
proud and glorious to live by the sword
as thee open the gated
i walk through with honor
i proudly walk thought Valhalla's gate
enlighten to for fill my destiny
by the sword i have lived
and by the sword i have demised
but my soul shall revise
now so glorious to finally be home
trough Valhalla i lay immortal
true home i lay forever and evermore

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