The crazy runner runs so much
that all his precious glycogen
is used up and he feels as such
like blimps without the hydrogen.

His muscles use the telephone
they call down to the liver
and ask for nutrients to clone
to forestall any shiver.

The liver has no sugar left
so must steal from Aminos
it really is considered theft
of protein bambinos.

So now the nitrogen gets dumped
and with a bit of trimming
the bold opponent can be thumped
though this results in slimming.

This protein was on its way
to muscles and to tissues
which need rebuilding every day
part of the body's issues.

So if the runner keeps it up
he'll look like Anorexia
so put some honey in your cup
or welcome Miss Cachexia.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (4)

A fun poem about something that I would've considered impossible to write a poem about.
You are prolific and I'm in awe! This is another great one. C
I am thoroughly amused turns out you can make poetry out of just about anything this is amazing keep it up talk about an original idea
This is exercise physiology 101 What was the third spelling error? H