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Go Ahead And Run
AO (4-22-87 / Torrington, CT)

Go Ahead And Run

Everyday is the same ol thing
I still do the same ol thing
Time keeps on going by
Yet I'm still stuck in the past
While I watch everyone move on
I still sit and remember all the things I use to do
All the things I got away with
All the people I use to hang out with
All the wrongs we did and laughed about it
Now when I try to go forward
It seems like I get pushed back
What's holding me back?
Why cant I just move on?
I watch all my friends leave me
Especially my loved ones
I start to fall for someone
Next thing I know
Poof they gone
Is it me?
Are they running away from me?
Or am I not running with them
Whats so wrong with staying here?
They say life is hard
So why would u run from it?
Whatever their running from
It's only going to be waiting for you
Where ever you go
I'm just going to stay here
And whatever happens will happen.

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In it's own special way very nice! !