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ઝાડુની સળીઓ / ઉમેશ સોલંકી
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ઝાડુની સળીઓ / ઉમેશ સોલંકી

Poem By Umesh Solanki

So go ahead rate me
With ones, twos or threes
I don't care, I write for me.

I give myself
Eights, nines and tens,
Inside my mind,
Again and again.

But ones are OK,
With critical comments,
But cowards leave none,
With jealosy comes it.

So go ahead, rate me,
As low as you please,
Cause cowards I pity,
No reason to plead.

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Comments (7)

Poetry is an expression of the soul! A spiritual purpose.......so keep on writing. This rating notion is B.S. in its finest hour.
You go girl its the least anyone could ask even just a comment is nice good or bad
Sandra, I gave you my small boost, with both hands under your acetabuli (that was nice) and agree with you that we ought to abolish rating altogether or put a name to the rating person each time. 15 extra points to Rich Hanson for those words of wisdom. H (someone chopped my Nightstalker rating too) .As I have said before, people with small or no appendages....
I rated you. You rate me :) I agree with you 100%. I would appreciate it a lot more if people rated my poems rather than just reading them. It would give me an idea as to where I’m headed and how well I’m developing my writing. For this poem, i gave you a 9. for simplicity and straightforwardness. sincerely, war
It looks like the J.S. virus has been attacking you too. Too bad. For the most part he does show evidence of taste. He picks on people that he's envious of. Ignore him. You have a good idea of how well you write, A word of praise from Herbert, Lenchen or any of the other talented writers on the site means a hellofa lot more than his spiteful judgements.