Understand, Accept, Accommodate If You Feel You Are Humane

The same single object
I see
You see
She sees
He sees
They see
But, no two has the same sight

The same single musical note
I listen to
You listen to
She listens to
He listens to
They listen to
But, no two has the same enjoyment

The same single scent
I inhale
You inhale
She inhales
He inhales
They inhale
But, no two has smelt the same way

The same sip of wine
I have
You have
She has
He has
They have
But, no two has tasted the same way

The same touch of feather
I feel
You feel
She feels
He feels
They feel
But, no two sensed the same softness

Sensory organs register varying
Stimulations among people
Perception ot these stimulants
Further vary depending on
Emotional factors,
And other factors associated with
Acquired knowledge and skill

The extent and nature of response to
Emotion-biased situations
Vary far widely depending on
A range of other factors
Which defy description

We see a reason
As to why people judge differently
And act or react in a manner unimaginable

For harmonious co-existence
We need to understand this
Not that we do not know this
But often we are unable to
Demonstrate this understanding
With kindness, empathy
Love, care and what not
And end up with emotional outbursts
Leaving behind burnt hearts

Understand, accept, accommodate
If you feel you are humane

by Bashyam Narayanan

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beautifully laid out and ulitimately striking and effective