CB (11-4-93 / )

Go Away

I know there's something out there
Something that makes life not fair cuz
You never seemed to care
And I know I need something out there

And he knows
The pain behind my eyes
He knows the sadness in disguise
You're trying to screw this up
But if you try I'll f*** you up
Cuz sometimes I just want to

Throw you out away from me
Hit you hard and make you scream
I just want you to bleed
Like you did to me
Cuz you're suffocating me!
I've forgotten
You must too
Cuz I've got someone
And I don't want him to go
Because of someone I used to know

You know I hate you
And everything you do
I just want to have a life again

I love him
I'll scream it from the rooftops high
Cuz I can't live without him
My heart would surely break
So just please go away
That's all I have left to say

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