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Go Away
JE jasmine ellis (july 22,1993- / jackson, ms)

Go Away

why cant you just leave me alone
let me be
dont even call my cell phone
there is no more you and me
i cant believe you would even touch her
makin me think i was all urs
u full of it
you doing dis bull shi*t
i didnt think i would ever be betrayed
i hope you know she just want to get laid
and i didnt mean that in a good way
cuz i hope you and her stay
you and her are a perfect match
so attached
just keep ur hand on her waist
you goin taste
ur own medicine
this wont end but just begin again
you goin put your hand on somebody elses waist
they goin make you want to be gay
but i hope not
i hope you get and got
the message im tryin to pertray
dont get above your height
just go away! ! !

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