ME (05/31/1962 / NJ)

Go Fly A Kite

Once there was a young boy
He sat on the floor playing with his toys
How sad he looked in his eyes
There was nil that could relieve his sigh.

Then his eyes caught the attention of a kite
It was a grand kite and just waiting for flight
Red and blue colors favored all and its tale
How wonderful it would be to take it for a sail?

The boy got up and looked out the windowpane
He saw a scenic landscape decorated the outer pane
It was a play world waiting for kite flying that day
So the boy grabbed his colorful kite and went on his way.

Now all his kite needed was a gust of wind to take to the air
He took the string and ran swiftly forth with no care
The kite soared up in to the sky like a theatrical display
A smile painted the lads face as he continued to play.

Hours passed by as he enjoyed watching his kite
It danced around the skies like a bird soaring in flight
Then a sudden lack of wind caused his kite to sail low
So the lad ran as fast as he could so his kite couldn’t slow.

One more time the lovely kite climbed up into the sky
The wind speed swished it back and forth to fly
How, the boy never wanted to see the sight come to end
Alas, all came to a stop at the corners bend.

Slowly the breeze died and the kite fell to the ground
The boy just stood and sighed without any sound
Sadly it was time to lay the grand kite to rest for today
He was tired and had no more energy left to play.

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Beautiful Poem..Reminded me of my childhood days....