Go For The Prize

When life's ups and downs seem too much for you to bear
Everyday a new problem; anger, pain and fear,
Take time out from your frustrations, embrace the skies;
"Go for the prize."
Don't let the misfortunes of others keep you back
You were not made to be dormant like a hanger on a rack,
Get up, set your goals, move forward, energize;
"Go for the prize."
If you find yourself heading for the fast lane
The quick fix, that one will ultimately cause you pain,
Stop! negotiate the correct path, economize;
"Go for the prize."
Some may talk you down, shine their gold and diamonds
In your eyes, be content, be humble, humility is a sign
Of greatness, and windfall profits don't always fill buckets
This, please realize, stand tall, aim high;
"Go for the prize."

by Euriel C. Simpson

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