Go On Girl

He could handle it just himself being alone but you've been gone for some time now. Everybody thought he was strong but your love made him weak in the heart and mind.

Just thinking about you had him wondering will he every see you again or you lying next to him again. From the beginning to the middle everything was great until the ending you said you’re leaving him for someone better, that you couldn’t be with him because he didn’t get his shit together.

But why did you walk out on him he asked, just graduating from high school give him time. Your new man will never be him. She try and tried to replace him but you made the big mistake you made him feel like he was in a race for first prize place.

He doesn’t want that prize he wants that space he had alone in your heart swimming in that old love lake. But he wanted to start over one more time just to come and find out it wasn't what you thought it would be.

He’s having problems with my heart because he lost a part of it and wants it back to make it whole again.He thought you and him could make it work like moms said it’ll never be the same because the picture in her eyes of him changed.

by Randy Bullocks

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Deep emotions, no one should be played as the human yoyo