Go On Mr. Schröder

seems life with its blackish diaries
decided to read again its agonies
with its hard burden memories
so walk along Mr.Schröder

shameful nay thy heart would be
in people's hearts you've got a place to be
not thy fault that history must reading be
so just go along Mr.Schröder

and there in the land of vampires
where thy kind had no admirers
thy soul planted there by days were olders
I know Mr.Schröder

I would understand the falling tear
from the lion's heart that is so clear
but the heart I know surely knows no fear
is not that right Mr.Schröder?

and when thy knees to the dear grave bend
such feelings I know have of sadness a blend
and that is the time my salutations I will send
and so days are over Mr.Schröder

mein Herz ist mit Ihnen
and with passion it'll be bleeding
shine thy star that is full of feeling
and now say salute...
to Herr Schröder

by Taher Shemaly

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