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Go On Without Me

your eyes cheerfully
extend to me
an invitation
to help

Your pain is mine
Your fear is my own
My dear, you're an artist
Let your colors flow

Write, sing, dance
Paint, draw, express
I love you, darling
More than myself

You lied to me
You hurt me
The pain
So... frightening

But now I see
It's you that's tearing me
Ensnaring me
Captivating me
You broke my heart

So i love you

Let your colors flow
Let the whole world know
You're real, even at my expense
Go on without me. please.

You were the only one that really mattered
You quit on me, darling
I'm okay with it, Really
Just promise me one thing

Go on without me

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Comments (2)

Yup, we couldn't be more the same. I want to say that exact thing! ! 'Just go on without me and babe, I'll be right here if you come back.' We're such silly girls sometimes. ~Amber~
A very beautiful poem, Gabriella. Sweet and winsome and gentle.