(4-11-00 / INDIA)

Go Places

When answer is needed
A question is to be asked

When a question came out
An answer has to be sought

Having a question right
Having an answer right
Is our birth right

Questions are meant for answers
Answers are meant for questions

Seeking answers for questions
Is a travel
We will have to do that
With proper will

Let us not afraid of questions
Let us not reluctant to answers

Let us have questions
Let us have answers

Questions are paths
Answers are places

Let us find the paths
Let us go places

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Comments (3)

Its all so beautiful. The equation and the link and the need of both- Q & A. - the very basis of all our knowledge and understanding of life and world. Thanks.
A wonderfully witty poem, sir. Thank you for sharing.
let us find the path, truth is here.