Go Slowly

Poem By Joseph Narusiewicz

Pearl trees like golden elephants
I sigh with gallant respite
Ornate spirit in the elven wind
Circles of pleasure
Moon whispers to Orion
The light has lapels

Broken rivers healed by stars
Gourmet colors of Monet
Carl Jung in the sanitarium
Ridges of purple water
Everyone pays the fountain
Seminal rewards on the hills

Go slowly with your devils

Comments about Go Slowly

Ornate spirit in the eleven wind draws memory line and imagery of Golden elephant. Stars keep power of healing. Every broken river is healed by them. Wise expression of humor in this poem strengthens imagery. Everyone pays the fountain and ridges of purple water enter in to dreamland of reality. This is an excellent poem very well crafted....10

Rating Card

3,5 out of 5
3 total ratings

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