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Go Tell The Africans
OA (30th, november 1991 / JOS NIGERIA)

Go Tell The Africans


Come lets sit and recount the days gone by
When Africa was a Pharaoh, entangled by civilization
Some say Africa was the birth place of men
Others said we are but a shithole hut
Bruce and battered by winds of slavery
Taught and forge with the milk of hate
Twins of deceits, foams with fury and voodoo
Africa, oh! mother to wonderful nature
Place where we hunt deer and squirrels
The Europeans came and saw our nakedness
They mock our skins and sang lullaby when we fall
Tell them, Africa was conceived of gold
Darken by the venom of corruption
The lands of mishaps, cities of werewolves
Fought by the raging tribe men
Adopted by Jesus and Allah
They striped us off our deities
They told us our many gods are deaf and blind
They gave us coins and we lost our peace
They gave us clothes we now walk the street half-naked
Africa what a beauty in the days of Opobo
Africa whom we saw from afar
The true jewel in the greens of Savannah
O! Africans remember home from afar
Remember we brought the world where it is today
Never forget mama Africa from afar

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