Go To Sleep My Child Of Grace

Go to sleep my child of grace,
let your dream's take you to that beautiful place.
So much pain you have come to know,
It would be selfish of me not to let you go.
I know life won't be the same without you here,
but with your new wing's you could alway's be near.
You are getting weak as each day passes by,
and it break's my heart to see you cry.
Let the suffering end,
no more to see you weep,
close your eye's my little one and go to sleep.
In the arm's of the angel's you will awake,
they can now sing you lulliby's,
as to God's arms,
you the angel's will take.
I may have to let go of your hand,
as on your journey you start,
but my sweet little angel,
Mummy will never let go of your heart.
I will cry a million tear's as I will miss you each day,
but in Heaven with the angel's is where you must stay.
This is the hardest thing a Mother could do or see,
but I know in my heart that God just loaned you to me.
I knew you weren't for keeps,
just a gift from God so sweet,
he has to have you now,
so my child of grace just go to sleep.
We can't keep him waiting for he has so much to do,
and he need's a special little angel,
so he has chosen you.
Goodby my angel of grace,
in Heaven we shall meet,
close your little eye's,
my angel go to sleep.

by Ruth warren

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Tender and beautiful. A message of love and acceptance.