Go Within Or Go Without

Life is a school with one lesson to learn
a major in Love is what I'm talking about.
You won't find it out there in the desert
You must go within or go without.
We spend years crawling in dry sands
scorched by the desert's burning heat.
Until we look inside our heart's
we're left yearning for something we can't see.
Fed by an ego afraid of being forgotten
it whispers that it knows the way
When you turn from the voice of ego
Love reminds you, you're already safe.
You can only discover the sweet embrace of Love
through learning to love your Self.
Then you will find it easy to begin
now you are free to love everybody else.
We are all "one" in reality
when you find pure Love you'll have No Doubt.
Yet you can make this discovery only one way
you must go within or go without.

by Jodi Davis

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