Goal Post Moved

The goal post have been moved again,
What are they doing this for?
They are getting everyone’s backs up,
Why do they always want more?

We have upped production since last year,
By doing things in a different way,
Now, they want to see if,
they can up it by another few, a day.

by Pamela lutwyche

Comments (3)

You have penned it so beautifully. Life is an eternal journey with infinitely shifting goals. In it lies the beauty of life. CP
The challenge of the moving goal post is made real by your reality poem. Well done my friend.
I agree with Gerry Marsden, I like it, I like it! The distance between the posts is endless The same as a piece of string and it's no good arguing about it, it's becoming a yerarly thing. Sorry about that you inspired me. Best regards Orlando.