The world can't beat me now
'cause the smiles i smile,
The words I speak
Are strong enough to make a flower bloom

I can walk down the street
And know where I'm going
What I'm gonna be doing there
'Cause I have the strength

I can smile all the way
I know that i did it
I know i did what i wanted to do
I completed a task of life

But it's not only me
I know you can do it too
I know you can smile that smile
Speak those words

If you try and reach where you need to get
You'll succeed
And recieve a reward

Beauty, Tears, strength
Put it all together and here's what you get
Look into your own hands
you'll see

by riona Kamijyou

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Very encouraging...feels good to be in the light and hold someone else's hand that's still in the dark doesn't it!