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God? ? ?
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

God? ? ?

Did I think of God?
Or did He think of me?

Did He exist before I thought of Him?
Or did I exist before He thought of me?

If there is a God, even if I don’t believe,
Then my belief cannot keep Him from existing.

But for me, God will only exist,
If I believe.

You say you can only believe in God if you see proof.
I say the only proof I have is my faith.

If I believe that God exists,
Then for me, He does.

I cannot prove to you
That something I believe is true.

But why would I want to.
My faith saves me.
Not you.

So I choose to live my life resting in the security
And peace of being loved by God,
Only to discover I was wrong.

And you choose to live your life seeking for the truth,
Never really believing,
And discover I was right.

Neither of us altered reality in any way,
Only our perception.

Is God a creation of my imagination?
Or am I the creation of His?

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