Who is God?
What for He?
Did he serve any thing for poor and sufferers?
H e is here for protecting bigshots and
He is here only to safeguard all emperors
There are millions and trillions of gods and temples
Wht is there to us
Can we get even mouth ful of food by his powers?
Nothing is answer and his reply is silence
All His grace only to them but
Not for us and nothing for us
We are useless creatures and burdens on His head
They are His Lovable vistors
They can mint money in all along their way
What we can do for Him?
except our tears and demands
So he is there for them and hear only their cries
Prayers are nothing but a shifting of ur faith on invisible
Achevements are nothing but the fruits of your hard work
Work and Work to raise
as the mountain of Himalayas in life
Not to become as a waste
God is the creation from the rich platforms and
not from our road side huts


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