The Boundless Ocean of Brilliance
That lends the stars dazzling light
Whom obey flakes of the watery clouds,
Riding on the back of moving wind.
The Secret Hand that wrings them,
Pouring down waters on the soil.
That brings forth vitality all around,

Incarnates life from the objects lifeless.
Being that gurgles out the fountains,
From the womb of the Earth to quench,
Thirst of the parched dry throats.
Chief Host who treats all creatures,
Huge, small and very small,
With what they need to be sustained.

He who fills the petals delicate,
With, sap, colours and fragrance.
Infuses eagerness into flies and moths,
That hover around with ecstatic sway,
Over the overflowing Enchanting Beauty.

He whose Skillful Prudence,
And dynamic waves of thoughts,
Assume instant shapes, is God.
An absolute Reality and Truth
That needs no argument to be proved.

by Muhammad Shanazar

Comments (2)

Hi its an excellent poem. Thanks for reading my poem and sending in your comments. i am very happy to know that you are from rawalpindi, i studid their for 2 years and really enjoyed my time in college. i tried to read your poem ' fall of dhaka' but coulnot find it in your poem list.good luck with your poetry.
A marvelous piece, filled with imagery and truth; great job!