Poem Hunter
AM (24 January 1985 / Honolulu, Hawaii)


God I thought you were trying to get to me so I got off the phone.
God come on and talk to me if you’ve got something to say.
God hurry up—you’ve got eternity but I’ve only got a few million lousy minutes.
God I’ve got other people to talk to.
God I’ve got bigger fish to fry if you aren’t telling me anything.
God is this some kind of sinister practical joke?
God either you’ve got a message for me or not.
God leave your message at the beep, I’m not home anymore.
God if you’re stalling for time it’s not working.
God I’m gonna get back on the phone soon, talking to people with something to say.
God this charade is over—it’s the last time you make me think you’re coincidence.

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Many people think this, but few have the courage to say it. Well done.