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I love god
and his HUGE rod
he is so hot
and i sold him pot
he smoked it up there
with his friends and a panda bear
god god god god god god god
I love him so
to bad I'm such a hoe
he will kill me
so i can do him for free

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haha great poem, it made me laugh quite a bit, keep up the good work
This is the most digusting and disturbing thing I've ever read in my life! ! ! ! ! ! ur sick
It is not a poem, sorry to say that. But that's the fact. I think you should find something else.
Your sick -midnightmaiden
Gee, Paris, what a nice thing to do. I understand the Virgin Mary liked that rod, too. Don't tell me, though, that the Angel Gabriel is your, well, your pimp or that you are a virgin, because I wouldn't believe you, and you can't have known Alexander Pushkin. I am not sure, however, that pot is good for Panda bears.
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