Edna Jaques

Edna Jaques was a poet of Ontario she was one ofCanada best
And surely the proof of her greatness is that her poems have withstood the time test
Her beautiful lyric poetry today read by many with words she is one who had a way
By four decades of time her poems have outlived her she is a literary legend today
She passed from life in her late eighties but her poems they will never die
She truly was a master wordsmith for me to say differently would be a lie
One who did love people and Nature her poems to this does testify
That in her poems she achieved literary greatness of her would be hard to deny
Canada has produced many great writers who live on in literary fame
And among the literary greats of Ontario Edna Jaques is one you could name
For her poems are not lacking in beauty she indeed was a laureate of rhyme
From the early to the late twentieth century she was one of the great poets of her time
She surely was a master wordsmith and her poetry has stood the time test
And it can be said of Edna Jaques that she was one of Canada's best.

by Francis Duggan

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Well done Robert! Although baptized a Roman Catholic as a baby, it was once I entered my late twenties when I scrapped all of that religious dogma and started reading up on other religions. Although I still haven't found one which fits all of my beliefs and values I have decided to apply little bits of certain ones that fit with what I feel in my heart. So even though I've taken a little bit of Wicca, a little Buddha etc etc what it really boils down to is I do believe in a higher power. Whether this is God in the sense other's think of him I'm not quite sure. But I, like you have had too many experiences where I know there is something or someone up there or out there who is protecting me also. So I send out a big thanks for sharing this great poem of awareness!