RM (20 - 5 - 1953 / Georgetown)


I'v never been very religious,
but odd things have happened at times
which make me wonder if I'm protected.

There was the accident I had at seventeen,
skidding on a wet bend and rolling over and over,
without a belt on, only to crawl unscathed
from a crumpled wreck.

Or ten years later when I overtook too late
and found myself almost crushed between two cars
with an inch to spare on either side
at a hundred and thirty kph
and just squeezed through.

Then more recently I veered out into the fast lane
thinking no one was coming
(had I even looked in the mirror?)
and I missed a rear bumper by seconds.

That time, at last
I began to doubt.
Was someone looking after me?

There were dozens of things I could thank others for
like my parents for fine food and affection
and vivid seaside holidays,
or my teachers for a good education,
or my wife for bringing up our kids so well,
(and for her beauty,
and for her sense of humour,
or her patience with me,
the list just goes on) .

But there was no one to thank for those close escapes,
so after that last one I remember saying out loud, 'God,
I know I haven't paid much attention to you over the years,
in fact you might say I've totally ignored you,
but just in case that was you who just saved my ass,
and perhaps not for the first time, I'd like to say THANKS
and also I'm SORRY not to have realized before
that well, you may really exist! '

And I promised I would tell others about
this weird little doubt that came over me.

So here you are everyone (all three of you) .

by Robert Melliard

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Well done Robert! Although baptized a Roman Catholic as a baby, it was once I entered my late twenties when I scrapped all of that religious dogma and started reading up on other religions. Although I still haven't found one which fits all of my beliefs and values I have decided to apply little bits of certain ones that fit with what I feel in my heart. So even though I've taken a little bit of Wicca, a little Buddha etc etc what it really boils down to is I do believe in a higher power. Whether this is God in the sense other's think of him I'm not quite sure. But I, like you have had too many experiences where I know there is something or someone up there or out there who is protecting me also. So I send out a big thanks for sharing this great poem of awareness!