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God Amen...
MM (01.03.1991 / )

God Amen...

Poem By 3mvi 3mvi

Am I cursed?
Is my spirit forced?
Is my angel lost?
GOD, am I worthy to trust? !
A prophecy been made
And I feel in need of aid;
I fall in to madness
And I'm looking to be blessed
As I fast search for verses,
As I burst and put 'em on papers;
My eyes lay on countless wars,
On ruthless rulers and billions of stars;
My heart is irked and wants an explanation
To the source of this evil infestation,
The evilness of men
I try to glean,

To search, find them,
And when I'm done
Drive them out of mayhem,
...one by one.

I am never going to give up,
An entire world I have to amend,
And so I have to withstand
And in doing what I do never stop.

God Amen...

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