* God And Goddess **

Theres a slip
Between, the cup and the lip
I know your lips have
Tasted that wine
bolsted your sinews
With energies anew
taken you to fabulous realms
Where no battered dreams
Were made to rest
So that on your wilted crest
A star is born
With a crescent of a moon
But, remember that
There will be no solace
Until and when
that storm which has arisen
is made to rest
and only then
new beings
we become
God and Goddess
Shore and wave

This poem is inspired by Sadiq's SHORE AND WAVE



Comments (13)

A very pretty poem. Bien!
Godess is the power of a mantra. Mantra Chaitanya. Women are the poetry of words. Mother is the welfare of worlds... All men have only one mother, the woman! Who else could care for us all? Jai Maa! Blessed I am to have passed by here. Restful spot of peace and bliss. Your poem...OM
The poem owes its real inspiration from your divine heart which is so passionate. Real and genuine feel of the heart can make a poem truly readable. yours is one. and a tenner...
Unique thought....10+ for that.
God and Goddess Shore and wave True worship of heart. CP
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