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God Are You There At All.......Ever
YF ( / New Rochelle)

God Are You There At All.......Ever

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

She ate something
No, not of her own accord
It was given to her
She bent over, it came up and
She died
With god?
Who knows?
She was six
Six years of age
Are you there god?
Is this fair?
Why call a child?
“Everyone has a time”
“Everyone for a reason”
Was this her time?
What was the reason?
Will someone be better off
Without her here?
Did she have nothing more to do
Beyond the age of six?
Is it not the law
“You shall not test your lord”
Is another one not
“You shall not question your lord”
It seems so perfect
So great
To rely only on the power
Of faith
But can I really, entirely, completely
When a six year old dies
When a six year old little girl
Is called up to god
Taken from the world
Can I truly, really, entirely, completely
Believe when this happens?
God are you there
The answer, but not saying
Am I testing……questioning?
God.Lord.Jesus.Jesum Christum. Ejus unicum. Dominum nostrum. Deum patrem. Creatorem coeli et terrae:
Are you there?
If I’m testing you I’m sorry
Are you there?
Its me...you know me…..its Yari

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please if you don't mind read my poem ALL KNOWING GOD, and GOD WAS LISTENING, you will get your answers. Sorry for the pain you have gone through
Sometimes living takes courage. We must make our pefect lives, for God cannot.