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God, Are You There?

GOD, Are you there?
Do you still listen as I pray
If you still do, I need you Lord,
There is so much I need to say.
Do you still listen as I speak
And do you hear me when I cry
For I know, no one else listens to me
And Lord, I just need to know why.
Am I not created by you
As you have created everything else
But many times Lord, I'm all alone
Even though, I'm not by myself.
Do I not have pain like everyone else
Do I not also cry out for help,
I am a Man, a very lonely Man
One who keeps death, to Himself.

Lord, are you awake,
If not, I'll let you sleep
I'm sorry if I'm bothering you
And I'm sorry, If I cause you to weep.
Every man has His troubles
And every Woman has Her woe,
So I listen to them as I should
But though when I speak; they all go.
Lord, do you still love me,
I just need to hear it every now and then,
For no one speaks it or shows it from the heart,
And I need to strengthen my soul from sin.
Lord, I'll leave you now,
Thank you, for listening to me
Now I truly know, that I'm never alone
For you are here Lord, for me to believe.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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