God Bless Countdown!

God bless Countdown on Channel Four
With consonants and vowels galore
And gorgeous Carol Vorderman -
If she can't do sums no-one can!
She gets a nine day after day!
(Ten out of ten, from me, I say!)
And Richard hosts with repartee...
We groan at puns yet all agree
That here's a show that's wonderful -
Easy-going and amiable!
Half wit, half style and full of fun,
Good sportsmanship from everyone!
Just when I've got a sweet old six,
Some guy with seven gets his kicks!
When I've got seven, he's got eight!
And I start thinking, 'Great... just... great! '
I had a nine in ninety-two!
Since then I haven't got a clue!
How do they do it! ? Life's not fair!
It's just a game! Oh, yeah, oh, yeah!
I've memorised the dictionary!
Don't go to sleep till half-past-three!
Yet still they beat me EVERY DAY...
God bless Countdown... yeah... OK...

by Denis Martindale

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