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God Bless Our Troops! ! !

God Bless Our Troops! ! !
And All those Recruits!
The Navy! Army! Air force! and Marines!
Even those Who Lost their Lives!
Now! In the Past! and In between!
For All Those Whom-we haven't even seen!
God Bless All the Men and Women
Who Serves Our Country
So, We can Live FREE! ! !
Let Them know - While over there
That Us over here - Really do CARE! ! !
With the decision to Fight
Protecting Our Nation - What is Right!
That They do make a Difference!
Everyday and Night!
With the Struggles and the Pain
For Our Nation to gain
The FREEDOM we Claim!
With Our Love! We Pray! For God's Speed!
To Bring Our Troops Home SAFELY! !

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Wouldn't a true christian want God to bless all...after all Jesus forgave his I wrong?