God Bless Our Troops

The war is over! The war is over!
The Buddha told me that
short and fat
far more compassionate than you Christians
and your holy wars
They caught him hiding in a hole
a deep dark cavern underground
representing his death/grave
Now we can finally mourn our spilled American blood
that flowed freely
like the river Ganges
Come home, you soldiers
and endure a harsh mid-western winter
the snow has piled up higher than the dead bodies
All is not well back home
you've already missed the Christmas spirit
and old Saint Nick who sped off in his sleigh
with our good spirits
the moment Christmas was over
Come home, come home to pork-barrell politics
and a new presidential race
that shines like oil in the sunlight
beautiful but it still fucking reeks
We'll be waiting for you on the dilapidated piers
of Norfolk, VA
Our country, your piers, have been eaten
by termites of negligence
The money we could have spent on exterminators
we've spent on your deaths.

by Carl A.I.

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