God Bless The Day I Die

God bless the day I die
gentle people do not cry.
Enjoyed my life to the hilt
bury my bones in this green green hills.

The better part of my youthful days
I have spent on these hilly ways.
Seeking and learning and also earning
I thank the lord for his sweet blessings.

Your love has put my hell away
gentle Lord I sigh and pray.
Save me not from the day of death
Oh! God why should I sit and fret.

Cheer and smile my jolly lad
yet the world is not so bad.
Be prepared for the day of glory
good men of thought need not worry.

Life goes on with a merry song.
Yes, I think I may be wrong
to think of life and death to be.
Life is life, it ought to be.

Life is up, life is down
don't play the silly clown.
Put the mules before the carriage
life is on after marriage.
Life is on round and round
we all must disappear on this ground.

by Alex David

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