God Bless The Freaks

God bless the freaks
And the deranged,
The ones who are
Violent and strange,

by Alexander Shaumyan Click to read full poem

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I think this poem is *GREAT* it speaks about true feelings...no matter what anyone thinks ..Alexander has expressed his true feeling about what he and some othere s (THINK) and dont sometimes say...God Bless Alex your poem is veery good..Condrads
i have to say that i believe in God, but don't find the poem offensive, every one has their own opinions on God and his blessings. But i found it very interesting. :)
Gold Fish thinks this poem IS highly graphical. & They also think that Lily should not shut up, but she should also know that it's access, not axcess. But Alexander is right, God blesses everyone. Weldone. Gold Fish
i believe in God, but i dont believe in the sense of your poem. God bless you and your country
okay, listen, my opinion on this poem. For 1. the poet was obviously angry with the world, but come on! We don't really need this kind of poem on the website because some kids have full axcess here! And another thing, i don't believe in God. My mother and my Father do, but she respects my fair judgement. In some respects i do like this poem, in other respects I HATE IT. sorry for my spelling, i'm only twelve.
I think Shaumyan is making fun of stuck up christians in this poem but that is something people dont seem to see is exactly what he didnt either. True Christians recieve anybody for who they are they might not agree! ! ! with everything in their life but they wont judge u for u. Its a good poem but a little absurd in some lines ''cock''? ? ? ? ? wtfreak? ? ?
yea so many people think that if you believe in 'God' everything that has to do with him or cristianity it self has to be perfect when in reality it's not god created everything on earth from the freaks to the saints. and you r taught in church to except and forgive and this poem tells it how it should be. thats how I feel anyway I realy like it it makes you think if you have an open mind
Hmm...one mention of the 'G' word seems to bring out the crazy in folk. I personally enjoyed this - if anything I think it's in keeping with the true ideals of the Christian fatih. Remember Jesus' track record with lepers? Hugs Anna xxx
This poem is total crap. When talk about god there needs to be some respect in the choice of words. look at the words choosen. it means the poet has no quality or standard. its worth to be in the bin
I found this to be a really interesting poem. As a Christian I can say that you're not gonna go to hell for writing it (some people are a little strange wouldn't you say) . For me it has the feeling of being about thoes on the margins, the one's that society and 'the' church don't aprove of. I like it a lot.
this is an inappropiate poem that shouldn't have anything to do with god and u just might be going to hell for writing this poem.