ACS (December 6 / New York)

And He Said He Loved Me

Talking on the phone tonight,
Two hours passed us by -
So many thoughts to contemplate,
So many questions why?
There has to be an answer,
Things just can't stay this way,
The whole damn world's turned upside down!
All we can do is pray
That God will find a reason
To justify our plight
And grant to us clear vision
To guide us through this night;
I still believe in miracles,
They happen every day -
So if this is supposed to be
Then let things go our way;
I think we've waited long enough
It's clear we've paid our dues,
When life throws you a second chance
What have you got to lose?
'Let's grab the gift and run with it'
Was all that I could say,
And then he said he loved me............
And I knew that I would stay.

by Linda Ori

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Beautiful poem. Good reminder. Thought Provoking. Good Job Adrienne!