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God Can'T
LM (14 June 1989 Please Comment :) / Ballarat, Australia :))

God Can'T

Poem By Lyrael Myrna

God can’t tell us
God can’t save us
God can’t wipe our tears
God can’t save us from our fears
God only watches us fail
Till there’s nothing else to
Only watches our world collapse
Leaves us nothing to do
In this wicked world he only waits
And hopes that something might go right one day
But then do we know if God even exists?
The Catholics know that they are only right
Nobody can oppose their views
Only God loving Christians believing they can convert you
Where’s the belief in that?
They all create translations into what the world should be
Or how they see it
Everyone else’s views are wrong
Yet they tell them that they can feel what they want
If they keep contradicting themselves
Then what the hell are the rest of us supposed to think and feel?
What we’ve known- do we know if it’s real?
The ones who perished with their own consent
Are supposed to live in hell and repent
The ones who have a child alone
Are supposed to find someone to share their home
The ones who cry themselves to sleep
Are supposed to get over it yet they still weep
The ones who have to sell themselves to live
Are supposed to be inhuman and hide away
The ones who live in a Middle Eastern country
Are meant to be the one destroying the world
So many false ideas, So many lies
Pumped into our heads so we turn to religion
But if we really knew what they truly thought, like this
Then it would almost be a dead religion
Apart from the racist, the ignorant and the weak of heart
Who they’d target and know they’ll believe anything
They’d only spoon feed them so they
don’t have to think for themselves
They’ll get treated like books on a dusty shelf
But after all this maybe it’s not all God’s fault
God didn’t want us to be like this after all
As we’re all running trying to escape
Then will be the time to set apart who lived and who fell
'Enjoy your last meal before you go to Hell'

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Comments (2)

But after all this maybe it’s not all God’s fault God didn’t want us to be like this after all This is a golden and Godly poem my best wishes for this talented bud of poetry kee thampi
You tell it like it is. Organized religion has a lot to answer for!