God Chose Small Things

Our mighty God is interested in "Small Things"
The little ant, and smallest bird with gifted wings
The universe in all of it's immensity
Is not so dear to Him as you, or me
The Earth--dear "Home" to each and all of us
Is fifth in size to planets of our universe
Of planets nine revolving 'round the distant sun
The Earth, so small, was God our Father's chosen one
To hold His children 'til their time here-on is done God gave to Earth an atmosphere with oxygen
To complement Earth's solid lithosphere
And blessed pure waters of the hydrosphere
To refresh His creatures who to Him are very dear
He carpeted the land with verdant greens
In Eden's garden fair fruit trees were seen
He filled the seas with fish of finest kind
Provided milk and meat with cattle, sheep and swine
He then created man with God-like mind! When Jesus beheld Satan like lightning fall
He chose the Nation of Israel, also small
To give the words of God to guide men's lives
The faithful saw His glory and still thrive
Then Jesus bore the weight of all men's sins
On Calvary's rugged cross that all may win
Eternal life on Heaven's golden shore
Where we shall live with joy forevermore
With God, and those we love gone on before!

by Ada Deaton-Amburgey

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